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    Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing is a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialized or modified inkjet technology. It's very similar to your inkjet printer at home, but imagine printing on a Tshirt instead of paper!  DTG offers so much more flexibility to test new designs and colors or simply print only a few shirts -  because that's all you need. 

    Ready to get Started?

    At Nogginhed, we're committed to helping you through the process each step of the way.  We do this every day and are happy to share our knowledge and experience to ensure your Tshirts look amazing when completed.

    Benefits of Direct-to-Garment Printing

    1. Print in Full-Color for no additional fee.  Because DTG is an ink-jet like technology, the colors are mixed as they are laid down on the shirt which is different from Screen Printing.  With Screen Printing, each color is laid down separately through a screen made from your artwork.  

    2. Print Small Quantities, even just one. Sometimes one shirt is all we need.  With DTG, we can print one or many where screen printing typically has a minimum and at small quantities becomes quite pricey. If you're unsure about how your art will print, go ahead..print one and test it. 

    3. Short Turn-Around Times.  Our process is quick, especially for short runs of custom Tshirts.  Yes, we can do 1-2 day turnarounds if you only have a few shirts and we have them in stock.  If we need to order shirts, we'll need a little longer.  We love to have 7-10 days, but understand you sometimes need your shirts sooner.  Please call and we'll do everything we can to meet your needs.


    Things to Consider when Printing Direct-to-Garment Custom Tshirts.

    1. The Shirt Matters - Choose Cotton if possible.  DTG ink is made to bond with cotton fibers, so the more cotton the better. We can and do print cotton/poly blended shirts, but cotton is always recommended. 

    2. Hi-Res or Vector Art is always better.  Garbage In = Garbage Out even with DTG printing.  Printing on Tshirts can be somewhat forgiving, but the better your art going into the process the better results you will see.  We want you to LOVE your shirts. 

    3. How Pricing Works, Get a Quote. Pricing for DTG is based on the following factors:

    • Quantity.  We offer Tiered Pricing, so the more shirts you order, the greater the discount. 
    • Number of Prints on Shirts.  Naturally, the more places we print the more it costs.  If you get only the front printed, then that will be less expensive than printing the front, back, and sleeve.  We load each shirt manually each time we print new art.  So, handling the shirt three times takes longer than handling it once. 
    • Print Ready Art.  Is your art ready to print? Or, do you need our help with design?  We assess your art and determine if it can be printed as-is and if not, we'll discuss with you options for making it print ready.  We have designers in-house to help with this process.  If you need a design from scratch, we can do that as well.  Its always helpful if you spend a few minutes searching online for designs you like and send us those ideas.  We can then discuss the amount of time needed for the design and if there will be a design fee. 
    • Usage of White Ink.  With DTG, we have the option to NOT use white ink in prints that don't need it.  So, if you're printing on a white shirt, white ink is not required.  This helps save you some money.  Yay, right? We can also extend this to light shirts if you're art does not have white included, but keep in mind your art will be influenced by the color of the shirt.  Printing without white ink works best for art that has dark colors and no faces.  There's always an exception to the rule, so call us and we can review your art to see if printing without white is an option. For dark shirts, like navy, black and dark grey white is always needed. 


    Want to see samples of our work?