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    We're happy you're here and thank you for choosing Nogginhed. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you. At any time you have questions, please call us at 256.427. 7065 or email at hello@nogginhed.com.



    First things first - We need a Design to print on your new custom Tshirt. Do you already have a design? Or, need our help?

    Great! We prefer to work from Vector or high-resolution files. Please send designs to artwork@nogginhed.com.
    Our designers will review your files to make absolutey sure you get the best prints humanly possible.

    Have questions about art? Please visit our ART GUIDELINES.

    Do you prefer to DIY? If so, please visit our FREE Online Design Tool which includes tons of clip art and font options.

    OR, If you prefer to talk to us directly, give us a call at 256.427.7065 or email at hello@nogginhed.com and we will connect you with one of our designers. Design Fees will apply.

    Step 2: Shirt Choice

    Are you driven by price point? Fit? or Style? Do you want a basic tee? Or, are you more interested in the softest shirt ever known to man? Either way, we're here to help.

    Amazing! You're good at this. Please remember we need at least 50% cotton content for our inks to adhere properly.

    Do you know your quantities and sizes yet? Do you know which color shirt? All of this is important for us to know when you submit for a quote or an order. Printing on a white shirt and some other light colors can save you money - if that's important to you! Ask us and we'll guide you based on your submitted art and overall needs.

    So many options you have no idea where to start? We understand. Check out our page on Tshirt Styles and Options for a few of ou favorites or check out our suppliers page for so many more. Remember, we need at least 50% cotton content for our inks to adhere properly.

    If you're local, we have lots of options to see, touch and try on in our shop. We know its hard to decide from pictures online, so   come visit us!

    Step 3: Place Your Order

    There are a couple of ways to place your order. You choose which is right for you.

    If you are the DIYer, then placing an order thorugh our Online Design Toolmight be right up your alley. You can even order after hours if you'd like!

    If at any point, you get stuck or need our help, then we're here for you... just call us at 256. 427. 7065 or email us.    

    If you simply prefer to talk to someone or still have questions, then give us a ring at 256. 427. 7065. Or, if you're ready to order, send an email to hello@nogginhed.com with your artwork, your quantity, shirt choice and color and any other information we might need to know. We appreciate your business!